Vibrocorer VKG-6/3

Standard is the VKG – 6, i.e. a 6 m length of cores. The maximum inner diameter is 102 mm (barely or by using a plastic hose, with PVC-liner inserted 96 mm, transparent ones are available too). System may be switched to 3 m core barrel length, further easing all handling and operating proceedures.

  • Variable coring speed, frequency and depth (2 – 6 m)
  • Maximum vibrating force 3 „tons“ (30 kN)
  • Operation depth up to 1000 m
  • Realtime measure of penetration (USB output)
  • Reliable operation at minimum maintenance
  • Unique folding and dismantling
Technical DataVKG-6VKG-3
Height7500 mm4700 mm
Basement diameter4600 mm2700 mm
Gross weight (exc. uploads)750 kg
Gross weight (full uploads)1000 kg
Core barrel diameter (inside)102/96 mm
Core barrel diameter (outside)108 mm
Core net length6000 mm3000 mm
Hoisting wire rope diam.12 mm
Power supply (threephase AC)400 V, 4 kVA
Frequency50 Hz
Vibrating force30 kN
Vibrating frequency28 Hz
Starting/ steady current50/8 A
Max. working deepness200 m
Corrosions protectionHot zinced/ INOX steel
TransportIn dismantled state