Single Beam Echo Sounder

Teledyne Reson NaviSound 110

Channels: Single channel
Frequencies: Standard 28-35 and 190-225kHz
Max. power: 300W
Power control: Manual
Pulse length: Manual 6 steps
Echo approval length: 100μs for 210kHz 200μs for 33kHz
Impedance: 100 Ohm
Depth range: 0.5-400m frequency dependant
Resolution: 1 cm
Accuracy: 1cm at 210kHz 7cm at 33kHz (assuming correct sound velocity, transducer depth)
Sound velocity calibration: 1400 – 1600m/sec in 1m/sec step
Transducers: RESON and other commercial transducers in the operating frequency range

Atlas Deso 17

Frequency: 30 kHz and 210 kHz (dual)
Depth range: up to 1600m