USBL Positioning

Ranger system is a high performance, survey grade Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic positioning system designed for Dynamic Positioning (DP) reference and ROV/towfish tracking operations.

Ranger-Pro is designed for more advanced survey applications. Incorporating Sonardyne’s unique ‘ping stacking’ technology, the system offers fast position update rates (one second independent of water depth), tracking of up to10 targets and full ocean depth operating range (>6,000 metres). Ranger-Pro also supports many more Sonardyne and non-Sonardyne medium frequency transponders.

Technical Specifications:
  • Operating Range: >6,000 metres (Proven)
  • Acoustic Coverage: ±90° or ±50° (Depending on transceiver type)
  • Tracking: Supports tracking of 1 surface vessel and 10 subsea targets (Ranger-Pro)
  • Maximum Update Rate: 1 second, independent of water depth (Ranger-Pro only)