Inertial Positioning System

Applanix POS-MV WaveMaster

POS MV WaveMaster is a user-friendly, turnkey system designed and built to provide accurate attitude, heading, heave, position, and velocity data of your marine vessel and onboard sensors. POS MV is proven in all conditions, and is the georeferencing and motion compensation solution of choice for the hydrographic professional.

POS MV blends GNSS data with angular rate and acceleration data from an IMU and heading from the GPS Azimuth Measurement System (GAMS) to produce a robust and accurate full six degrees-of-freedom position and orientation solution. POS MV is the primary inertial positioning system of r/v IMOR vessel.

  • Position: 0.5 – 2 m
  • Roll & Pitch: 0.03°
  • True Heading: 0.015° with 4 m baseline
    0.03° with 2 m baseline
    0.06° with 1 m baseline
  • Heave: 5cm or 5%, 2cm or 2% (TrueHeave)

iXsea Hydrins

HYDRINS is a high-performance inertial navigation system (INS) optimized for hydrographic survey using multibeam echosounders. HYDRINS comprises a single compact unit and delivers highly accurate real-time position, heading, attitude and speed data. In addition to the real-time options, HYDRINS raw data can be post-processed using DELPH INS software option.

Shorten Technical Specifications:
Position accuracy real time:
– With GPS: three times better than GPS
– No aiding for 1 min / 2 min: 0.8 m / 3.2 m (CEP 50)
Heading accuracy: 0.01° secant latitude RMS
Roll and pitch dynamic accuracy (no aiding): 0.01° RMS
Heave accuracy (Smart Heave): 2.5 cm or 2.5% RMS
Operating range/environment:
Operating/storage temperature: -20°C to 55°C / -40°C to 80°C
Rotation rate dynamic range: up to 750°/s
Acceleration dynamic range: ± 15 g
Heading / roll / pitch: 0 to +360° / ±180° / ±90°
MTBF (observed): 80 000 hours

Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 162 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg
Waterproof: IP66