ROV Vehicle

Seaeye Cougar-XTi

The Seaeye Cougar-XTi is a 3000m depth rated version of the compact, highly flexible and extremely powerful Cougar-XT ROV system, which is aimed to address the industry’s need for a 3,000m observation ROV, capable of providing a “self help” capability and light work capability.

With all the benefits of the proven Cougar-XT and the full range of optional quick-change tool skids, the Cougar-XTi also features a new distributed control system and high frequency power supply system developed for deepwater operations. These new systems have been developed and used in Saab Underwater Systems’ military ROV systems.

  • Operational depth of 3000 msw
  • 80kg payload
  • Range of optional quick-change tool skids
  • Configurable power distribution system
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Modular control system
  • Length/Width/Height: 1515/905/1000 mm
  • Launch weight: ~580kg

Seaeye Falcon

The Seaeye Falcon and Falcon DR are the choice of many leading operators for capability, versatility and the ability to get the job done. Lightweight and portable they go where they’re needed – inshore, offshore, down tunnels or for flyaway operations.

Available with a choice of options, tools and accessories, Seaeye Falcons make an ideal platform for achieving numerous intricate and demanding subsea applications.

Main features:
  • 300m (1,000 ft) depth rating
  • 14 kg (30.8 lbs) payload
  • Integral system diagnostics
  • High resolution colour camera on 180° Tilt Platform
  • Variable intensity, 6400 Lumens of LED lighting
  • Single phase A/C power input – auto selecting universal 100-270 VAC at 2.8 kW
  • Length/Width/Height: 1000/600/500 mm
  • Launch Weight: 60kg

Seaeye 600DT

The Seaeye 600DT System is rated for operations to a depth of 300 metres. The 600DT is the latest evolution of the original Seaeye 600 introduced in the mid 1980’s. The original hydrodynamic shape remains unchanged but modern digital electronics, today’s control technology and the latest Seaeye SM4 thrusters have been added to enhance the power and performance envelope of this internationally established observation ROV. The forward speed of a Seaeye 600DT is in excess of three knots.